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Cryptorama’s CryptoChat is the Social Media Network that will create ripples in the market. It taps into Cryptocurrency | Stocks (eTrade) market data, where people can access and validate information in one place, while socially aligning themselves with investments, leading to the creation of validated NFTs.

Not as a crypto-token or Exchange.

It’s accessible to anyone, even if they do or don’t plan to financially make an investment decision.

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Recognizing Importance

We strongly believe on the day-to-day popularity of the Crypto | Stock market. More importantly the popularity for a user’s investment, as it’s directly tied to personal satisfaction.

Social Investment

Providing an Crypto-Stock/Social Media Network hybrid, where a high-quality, user friendly, attractive, interactive, and scalable, Social Media Platform can exist.

Centralized Analytics

Crypto | Stock market investments are web trending – analytics generated by CryptoChat can provide a high value of detail by forecasting the value and popularity of assets.

Social Platform

Resolving a gap between Crypto | Stock and social interactions is important – as users value time, and more importantly their own investments. As a “All in one Platform” service, users no longer need to venture out to other sources prior to searching and evaluating reliable information of interest.

Experienced IN both sides

Cryptorama’s CryptoChat was designed by our founders, who experienced extensive gaps of information, small amount of time to commit and the lack of reliable information within social media networks, while making financial decisions within the market.

Options are here

The problem for potential Crypto | Stock investors is the same as for users who frequent exchanges. They know what they can get from their digital ledgers, however, they would like to choose from a larger list of options.

A Retail Investor’s Problem

Cryptorama emerged from a collection of problems encountered while investing on the Crypto | Stock market. We found that most users (to include the founders) had a difficult time selecting sources of information throughout the Web prior to making investment decisions within a reasonable amount of time.

What’s the solution?

Cryptorama is resolving these problems by launching CryptoChat, a platform that will impulse communications between retail investor’s (users), and enticing social interactions synchronized to requirements bolstering information gaps within Crypto | Stock market, while also allowing users to validate it and having the chance to generate an NFT.


significant Gap between Crypto | Stock and social interactions


Limited web data trends

Segregated exchanges with poor design that limit actions from cryptocurrency owners