Christmas is the time of giving, and Cryptorama is giving back to stakeholders by launching the Closed Beta of Cryptorama’s CryptoChat. Throughout the summer, the Company has been working hard in tackling the common challenges that tech start-ups face in this industry. The executives have been able to both successfully bootstrap our initial funds and start/close a pre-seed round by gathering $105,000 in funds received by personally known eTrade investors. To us, these are great achievements – given that at the stage of those milestones, we then had still yet to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP Prototype) reflecting our ideas.

An idea, at the right time, bought us the opportunity to succeed with this challenge. We created and documented a visual design of CryptoChat and captured funds beyond our initial goals. This is a competitive field, and to successfully achieve this without an MVP, and instead, with just an idea – we think this provides us with an optimistic glance on what’s to come.

In the meantime, we’ve had great movement on the Intellectual Property side, with the submission of CryptoChat’s patent by our attorneys at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole (EGS) LLP onto the USPTO – effective December 7th 2021. Our ideas have been publicly present since April of this year, which eventually brough us to design and develop a robust provisional patent while our MVP underwent development. Our patent application is over (100) pages long! We’re thankful to our attorneys at EGS New York, who assisted us in reviewing and ensuring we protected our ideas through the submission of the patent for CryptoChat as a ‘System and Method for Investment Data Management’.

Finally, we’re confident in announcing the launch of our MVP as Closed Beta this Friday, December 17th. This is an exciting milestone, as we’ll be actively engaging in the value behind our idea, alongside with a carefully selected group of testers. Please stay tuned this week for more news of the Beta.

From our team,