We’re excited to announce that our Closed Beta launch is starting this weekend! The Beta version of Cryptorama’s CryptoChat will involve a small fraction of the utilities that our platform has to offer. If you have not done so, you can send your application by completing some simple fields in this form. By participating in this Beta, you’ll experience hands-on how we’re tackling these problems-tied-to-solutions:

  1. How we plan to tackle social media silos in the eTrade community
  2. Adding real social value to eTrade assets by simply publicly interacting
  3. Introduce your social thoughts on eTrade assets without taking a financial risk
  4. Decide and validate who you’d like to follow and trust when using social media as eTrade investment information for decision making
  5. Interact with digital asset transfers between your followers and/or favorite content provider

Even though the Beta will provide a small insight of the broad scope of our idea – we’re expecting users to find the use of our utilities tied to eTrade assets useful, alongside with the information created behind its use, to then power through AI a social media platform behind the same utilities for the use of millions of retail investors in the eTrade market. The idea behind everyone having access to that information is HUGE. We’re very excited, as we’ll finally see people try a portion of what CryptoChat really is.

As a bonus for participating in our beta, testers can expect the following incentives:

•          Invitation to new betas and/or early launches for Cryptorama’s products

•          Lifetime access to beta features (as they become available)

•          Lifetime Priority on the Platform Feeds (higher than standard users)

•          Lifetime Special Profile Badge

Once more, you can apply to join the beta, here.

Stay tuned for our launch! From our team,