Crypto Social Chat Platform

Why Cryptorama?

Cryptorama was founded to create a platform focused on the eTrade (Crypto|Stock) market by taking all (interested) eTrade asset holders and socially connect them in one place, with a Web 3.0 mindset. Cryptorama’s CryptoChat allows the audience  to share experiences, and by doing so, increasing the popularity of an asset of their choice, while potentially receiving rewards for doing so.

Whether a user’s investment is a Cryptocurrency or Stock, CryptoChat seeks to serve a trending and long-term market of a targeted audience of 1 Billion users interested in or actively looking to be involved with eTrade assets.

Our Mission

Cryptorama developed CryptoChat to be a competitive social media network. The platform is designed to provide its users with a social media network where it motivates all interactions to a designated Crypto | Stock asset of their choice by using Cryptorama’s MarketTrends (Patent Pending) as a requirement and additional social interactions with CryptoPockets (Patent Pending), tying these into a possible Social NFT (Patent Pending).
Artistic demonstration of crypto social chat platform


Host our platform to 10 Million users within the first year of launch, and create a new trend on how the financial information is shared from now. CryptoChat is the only platform that users will need for financial information sharing within the Crypto | Stock space.